Azamgarh is rich in cultural and religious activities since Azamgarh lies in the eastern part of the Uttar Pradesh . The tradition language is particularly Bhojpuri or Purvi
The major community belongs to Hindu religion and they are divided into 4 branches which are Brahman, Khatriya, Vaisya, Sudra. The ancient division was mainly occupational but gradually it developed into a hereditary order. The principal deities worshipped by the Hindu are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Laxmi, Ram, Hanuman, Ganesh and nine forms of Devi(Durga), viz, Shailputri, Brahmcharni, Chitraghanta, Kusamandini, Skandmata, Katyayani, Mahagauri, Kalratri and Sidhmata. The practice of a taking a holy dip in river is also famous. The important festival are Nav Durga, Ramnaumi, Krishna Janmasthmi, Shivratri, Deepawali, Dashara and Holi. The sacred books are Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta, Shrimad Bhagavata, Puran and Ramayan.


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